Founder & Head Instructor

Rosy’s first memories are of being surrounded by nature where she was raised in the Canadian wilderness. She discovered yoga in 2003 as a student and was drawn to it as a result of the overall sense of well-being it brought her in body, mind and spirit. Now as a teacher, Rosy draws from her background as a Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Group Fitness instructor to add dynamic elements of strength, flexibility and relaxation to her classes.

Completing a 200 hour yoga teaching diploma in the style of Power Vinyasa, Rosy has since advanced her knowledge through teaching and the completion of an additional 300 hour diploma in the styles of Vinyasa Flow and Yin yoga in Goa, India. Here she learned a more in depth approach that includes meditation, breathing techniques (Pranayama), present moment awareness, body alignment principles for increased safety and effective sequencing of yoga postures.

In addition to yoga classes, Rosy appreciates the focus that longer retreats have brought her, including a ten day silent Vipassana meditation retreat. She incorporates yoga philosophy and basic principles of well-being into her classes and daily life. Rosy believes the ultimate goal of yoga is not to strive for perfection in a given pose but better thought of as a tool for cultivating self acceptance, gratitude and contentment in the present moment.